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if you kill a guy who has a boner does his penis continue to be erect or what

Yes. It does actually. And when they go to the morgue to be prepared for burial, the person cleaning them up and such breaks it so it lays flat.

“So what do you do for a living?
“I put makeup on dead people and snap boners.”

"Die Hard"

Die hard

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Requested by rfmp

There was something awesomely understated about The Weekenders. Maybe it’s the fact that one of the few cartoons where the main characters wear something different on three consecutive days in every episode. Maybe it’s because it’s a show about four friends (two guys and two girls) where the two girls regularly pass the Bechdel test with ease.  Or maybe it was one of the last great One Saturday Morning cartoons Disney churned out. 

But yeah. I really liked The Weekenders. 

Later days.

I think the appeal is that it was a cartoon that while having zany moments never strayed into complete ridiculousness and the characters feel like actual people, including adults. I would also say that it’s also because the writers do not talk down to their audiences.

They had really great episodes too, like the time when Lor (I think it’s spelt that way) tried to change herself to impress a guy by trying to become like a model who barely ate anything. This show was awesome.

#LET ME TELL YOU A THING #I really seriously fucking loved Weekenders as a kid #and even now I regularly re-watch the show #because even years after the first airing THIS SHOW REGULARLY HITS HOME #it’s spectacularly written #the characters are so real and so relatable #it’s hilarious as fuck without being slapstick gross or immature #it regularly and tastefully tackles things that people don’t get right even now#they have single parents dating and kids trying to deal with that#they have trying to change yourself for someone you like (and finding out you don’t have to)#they regularly broke stereotypes and tropes by introducing 3 dimensional characters#they have a nerdy girl and a sporty girl and a guy who’s obsessed with looks and shoes#AND IT’S NEVER PORTRAYED AS SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED OF OR SOMETHING TO RIDICULE#it’s just who they ARE#it’s literally about four friends hanging out and going through life#it’s just honestly one of the most well-written well-rounded and hilarious slice of life kind of cartoons out there#EVER#I’m not even shitting you#If you’ve never watched The Weekenders you are missing out on so much#GO WATCH IT NOW

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Random awesome pics by Satoshi Urushihara. 

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how to pick up CHICKS!!


  • cup your hands around them protectively
  • lift them from the ground
  • gently kiss their fuzzy heads
  • say “peep peep” calmingly so as not to be pecked
  • peep peep

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